South World Consulting
Expertise in Latin American Energy Development
South World Consulting
Expertise in Latin American Energy Devepolment

Who´s SW


• Our Mission is to provide investment opportunities to our investors in the Latin-American power generation market, as well as reliability and sustainability to the market with an efficient base of technology.

• Our Vision is that the market’s energy needs can be fulfilled with both economically and environmentally efficient units, rendering value to shareholders as well as to the market and social constituents.

• Our Criteria is a convergence of economical return, environmental and social responsibility, and passion for our business.


SW Consulting was founded in January 2000, and till 2002, the company worked with US and European energy companies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

• Following years of aggressive expansion in the power generation industry, the Enron case triggered the need of restructuring worldwide investment portfolios in most of power generation companies. SW refocused its service from Due Diligence activity to a Project Sponsorship one, as clients requested exit strategies from their investments in Chile.

• In 2004, increasing shortage of natural gas supply from Argentina changed the outlook for the Chilean market. SW used client's assets to originate open cycle and coal generation projects, for short and long term market growth.

• By late 2005, SW formed an alliance with Southern Cross Group investment fund to develop a new market player. Within a period of 4 years, USD 230 Million have been deployed, in 5 open cycle units and 4 coal projects under development.

• In 2008, a new alliance was signed with a second investor, Aledan, deploying another USD 40 Million into a new open cycle unit.

• Since 2007, SW is also providing technical and commercial operation of power plants.  Today the company has 50 professionals dedicated to the operation of the units at site.

• Although SW is focused in Chile, it has the experience and capacity to expand throughout Latin American.

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