South World Consulting
Expertise in Latin American Energy Development
South World Consulting
Expertise in Latin American Energy Devepolment

SWCOperation and Maitenance

Technical Operation & Maintenance of Power Plants

• O&M Management: negotiation of key contracts; organization and direction; fuel supply management; planning and control activities.
• Personnel at site: Plant Chief, Maintenance Chief, Operators and Assistance to Operations
• Maintenance Management: negotiation and management of maintenance contracts; quotation and procurement of spare parts; planning and coordination of maintenance and repair activities.

Commercial Operation

SWC• Market and system operation: coordination with dispatch center and monitoring day to day market operation.
• Negotiation, structuring and management of power purchase contracts and client relationship.
• Billing between power generators (buying and purchasing of energy and capacity) and to clients.
• Management with Market Constituents: Clients, other Players, Regulators.
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